Roads in KSA


​​​The Ministry of Transportation accomplished the work on more than 71,500km, designed with international standards to connect the major cities, with the possibility of future expansion to serve probable heavy traffic.

The highways are the most important projects that the Ministry of Transportation implement and maintain. The total length of the operating highways is more than 5.000 km in all the Kingdom regions.​

The Ministry is also working on developing the single roads of 49,000 km to be gradually double roads. At present, the total length of the double roads is more than 12,000 km, along with paved dirt roads, which are about 144,000 km long.

The Ministry of Transport has a major role in the implementation of many ring roads and bridges in some areas and cities, as well as completing hill roads in mountain areas mostly in the southern area of the Kingdom. In addition to the maintenance of internal roads that link the cities of a single province and link one region to the rest of the kingdom's regions.
The sub-routes that serve different populated areas like towns and small villages are also under the roadways and highways projects' implementation which supervised and maintained by the Ministry of Transportation.​

Last updated: 7/12/2023 3:17 PM

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