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The Public Transport Authority

​The Ministry of Transport plan focuses on the development of public transport in the cities of the Kingdom to provide comfort and well-being for the people of this country. Many studies and researches were conducted to find the best and the advanced public transport systems around the world. The Council of Ministers supports the Ministry of Transport plans by issuing several decrees, like: 
The National Transport Strategy by Council of Ministers' decree No.(4) as at the 3rd of Muharram 1433 ِAH.  
Implement the public transport project in Riyadh and high density of population cities by Council of Ministers' decree No. (174) as at the 2nd of Jumada II 1433 AH   
 Implement the public transport project in the city of Makkah (trains and buses) by the Royal Decree No. (45268) as at 7th of Shawwal 1433 AH 
Royal Decree No. (A / 18) as at the 17th of Safar 1434 AH, to earmark  200 billion SR from the general budget to the public transport projects   
Approve the public transport project in Jeddah province with all its components, and ratify the financial costs necessary for its implementation by Council of Ministers' decree No. (131) as at the 29th of Rabee II 1434 AH  
The Council of Ministers' decree No. (373) as at the15th of Dhul-Qa'dah 1433 AH stating that: An Authority of financial and administrative independence should be established and called the "Public Transport Authority," whose head office is in Riyadh and branches and offices will be established as needed. This came after a study prepared by the Ministry of Transport entitled "Strategies and Policies of Public Transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."   
This decree included the following items: 
First: Establish a special public transport authority to regulate public transport services for passengers within and between the cities of the Kingdom, supervise them and provide them at an appropriate cost. And encourage investments adequate to the economic and social development objectives of the Kingdom. 
 Second: The Authority shall have a head with (excellent) rank. 
 Third: The Authority shall have a number of specialties, including: 
a- Implement the public transport plans and ensure the availability of funding from different sources 
b- Identify the network of public transport's streets, roads, routes, and the locations of their facilities 
- Set the specifications for public transport and issue the licenses and the permits 
- suggest a mechanism to regulate the public transport wages 
- Provide the conditions to attract the investments 
 Fourth: The Authority shall have a Board of Directors headed by the Minister of Transport. Its membership shall include the President of the Commission and representatives from a number of Ministries of Interior, Municipal and Rural Affairs, Finance, Economy and Planning, and three from the private sector appointed by a decree of the Council of Ministers. 
Prepare the study of the comprehensive plan of the public transport in each major city of the Kingdom in coordination with the relevant authorities, specifying the scope of services to meet the requirements of each city and then agreeing on the method of financing and follow-up. The plan aims to evaluate and estimate the current and future public transport services within each city, and propose short and long term solutions to develop operational plans that bring balance and integration with other transport services. 
Stages of the study of the comprehensive plan of the public transport: 
First Phase: preparatory studies for the project, during which collecting and reviewing previous social, urban and environmental studies of the kingdom's population from all the concerned authorities 
Second Phase: Estimating and determining the current and future demand for public transport services and suggest alternatives solutions to develop the urban transport model 
 Third Phase: Evaluating the alternative solutions 
Fourth Phase: Choose the best option and discuss the possibility of developing it 
In this context, a comprehensive plan of public transport has been completed in Madinah, Jeddah, Dammam, Buraidah, Jazan and Taif. And a plan is now being prepared in Hail and Abha and Hofuf. 

Last updated: 12/2/2023 9:57 PM

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