​​​​​​Eng. Badr Abdullah Al-Dulami



Vice Minister at the Ministry of Transport

  • Bachelor's degree in Electric Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in 1414H.
  • Several certificates in Project Management, Business Administration, Leadership, and Technical Training courses.
Practical experience:

  1. Deputy Minister for Supply and Engineering Affairs - Ministry of Health.
  2. Minister's Advisor for Project Management - Ministry of Health. 
  3. Executive Director of King Faisal Medical City for the Southern Borders Region - Ministry Of Transport. ​
  4. Managing Director (Wasit Gas) - Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).
  5. Managing Director Of Shaybah project (Phase Il) - Saudi Arabian oil Company (Saudi ARAMCO).
  6. Managing Director of Qatif Oil Extraction project - Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).
  7. Director of Project Management Office - Saudi Aramco.
  8. Director of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran.
  9. Participated in establishing Tatweer Education Holding Company as integration between Aramco an​d the Ministry of Education.​
  10. Assistant Deputy FOR Engineering - Ministry Of Health
  11. ​Executive director of Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul-Aziz Medical City FOR NORTHERN Borders Region - Ministry Of transport.​
The Committees with the Participations of His Excellency the Vice Minister of Transport for Road Affairs Vice Minister's Office:

  1. Member of the executive committee for the development of Riyadh - Royal commission for the development of Riyadh city.
  2. Member of the board of directors for the development of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region -Development Authority Of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.
  3. Member of the executive committee of the Public Transport project in the Holy City of Makkah Al-Mukarramah ( trains - buses) - Development Authority of Makkah AlMukarramah region.​
  4. Member of the supervisory committee for the comprehensive plan for rainwater drainage in Jeddah Governorate - Development Authority of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region
  5. Member of the traffic safety executive Committee - Ministry of Health.
  6. Member of the health sector transformation program committee - Ministry of Health.
  7. Chairman of the traffic safety engineering committee - ministry of Health.
  8. Member of the tourism development committee - Ministry of Tourism.
  9. Member of the board of directors - King Fahad causeway corporation.an​d the Ministry of Education.​
  10. Member of investment committee - King Fahad causeway corporation
  11. Member of the board of directors - Public Transport Authority.
  12. Member of the executive committee - Public Transport Authority.
  13. Member of the board of directors - Saudi Railways Company (SAR).
  14. Chairman of the executive committee - Saudi Railways Company (SAR).
  15. ​​Chairman of the supreme committee for the transfer of functions of implemented and future roads inside and outside the Urban zone - Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  16.  Member of the logistics committee - Ministry of Transport
  17. Меmbег of the transportation system committee - Ministry of Transport.
  18. Member of the Electronic Transactions Committee - Ministry of Transport .
  19. Chairman of the steering committee to raise the level of the Ministry's performance -ministry of Transport.
  20. Chairman of the steering committee for the Development of government resource planning Systems (GRP) - Ministry of Transport .
  21. Chairman of the Steering Committee for Ministry data management – Minister of Transport .
  22. Head of the Minister's institutional excellence steering committee – minister of Transport.
  23. Head of the committee to study the mechanism for supporting the Minister's Own projects - Ministry of Transport
  24. Chairman of the technical committee for road affairs - Ministry of Transport.
  25. Member of the committee to support and activate the National Transport Strategy and logistics Services - Ministry of Transport.
  26. Chairman of the electronic transactions and cybersecurity subcommittee - Ministry of Transport.
  27. Committee to stimulate the Leadership of the ministry - Ministry of  Transport.
  28. Chairman Committee of inquiry Of the ministry targets for 2021 - Ministry of Transport.
  29. Chairman of the ministerial Business continuity supervisory Committee - Ministry of Transport.
  30. Member of the high committee to ensure the continuity of the transportation system - Ministry of Transport.


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