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Al-Soudah Road Project Withdrawal


After the visit of His Excellency the Minister of Transport Dr. Nabil bin Mohammed Al-Amoudi to the region, His Excellency the Vice Minister of Transport Eng. Saad bin Abdulaziz Al-Khallab inspected the projects that were addressed by the social media and some citizens in the region.


The Vice Minister's visit included a number of project in Aseer, started in a Dhil road that connects Asir and Jazan region, where HE has checked the workflow on the preventive maintenance that implemented by the Ministry.


During his tour, the Vice Minister's visit Soudah road duplication project in its first stage by 10 km and the second by 11 km, showed the contractor failure and non-compliance with his work, that led the Minister to start taking the legal action against him and withdrawing the project.


HE visited the main road in the region to follow up the contractor's response to the guidance of His Excellency the Minister. HE also inspected the Khamis Mushait - Amarah dual carriageway project, that complete by 70 % and connected the industrial city with Abha.


The Aseer region role in the Kingdom's economic and tourism development that contributes to achieving the Saudi Vision 2030 goals. The MOT implementing 79 projects in the region during this year by 1,500 km and the cost about 6 billion riyals.


The most project that under the budget, the Sabt Al-Alayah - Bishah dual carriageway in three stages, Khamis Mushait - Amarah road, Khamis Mushait - Bishah road in the last stage by 160 km and Abha airport intersections. The cost of all preventive and normal maintenance work that more than 5,100 km, exceed 500 million riyals.


The Vice Minister's visit confirms the seriously follow-up the projects by the Ministry, inspected the projects, identify the problems and solve it.


Noteworthy, that the Ministry of Transport less than two months ago has opened the traffic in the Sha'ar dual carriageway project by 8 km also opened the reform project in the coastal road between Jeddah and Jazan by 5km.


Last updated: 1/13/2019 4:02 PM

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