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Assistant Minister of Transport


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management                                                            2001- 2004
  • Master of Business Administration                                                                                2008- 2010


  1. Jadwa Investment :                                                                        
  2. Manage Jadwa's liquidity and monitor proprietary portfolio in multiple asset classes worth more than SAR 1 billion
    Direct and oversee the preparation and issuance of financial statements, comparative analysis, financial position forecasts and annual budgets
    Conducts annual competitive analysis for Jadwa through benchmarking it with local and international players to assess the Company's strategic direction
    Member of Management Investment Committee which approves any new product that Jadwa offers and member of the Executive Management Committee

  3. Bahri Treasurer:                                                                                                                     

  4. Supervised Bahri's existing investments and manage short and long term liquidity
    Secured financing facility for SAR 420 million to finance the building of five dry bulk vessels
    Negotiated bridge financing facility for SAR 3. 2 billion to partially finance Vela's acquisition.
    Project manager of Bahri transaction team in its SAR 4.9 billion acquisition of Vela, which would create the third-largest oil shipping company

  5. Capital Market Authority  :
  6. Managed the application review process for seven IPOS, two rights issues and one sukuk which was approved by the CMA Board
    Enhanced the book building process through implementing the recommendations of a study conducted by the team on premium IPO framework
    Issued the updated Listing Rules which increased the required due diligence for IPO's and catered to different requirements for different offerings

Awards, Personal Skills & Memberships​:

  1. Board Member at Saudi Airlines, Board Member and Chairman of Risk Committee at Ijarah Finance and Board Member of Higher Education Fund and Investment Committee Member at Takaful Foundation
  2. "International Understanding" award from the European Council of International Schools for serving international students and visitors, and building community across cultures
  3. Member of the directing committee of road affairs from 2021 until present
  4.   Member of the Board of Directors of Saudi Ports Authority from 2021 until present. 
  5. Member of the Privatization program 

Last updated: 5/24/2021 10:28 AM

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